Tue. May 21st, 2024

A couple in Israel was tragically killed while protecting their teenage son from Hamas gunfire, according to a report by Metro. The woman’s father, Ilan Troen, revealed that his daughter, Deborah, and son-in-law, Shlomi Matias, sacrificed themselves by throwing their bodies in front of the bullets to shield their son, Rotem Mathias. The couple and their son were inside a safe room when the militants broke in and opened fire. “The terrorists came into their place, broke through the doors, shot them,” Troen told Boston television station WBZ-TV. “They made sure to fall on him and thereby saved his life. Although a bullet actually entered his abdomen, he was saved,” Troen added. Troen, who is a professor of Israeli studies at Brandeis University and was in Israel during the attacks, also expressed his condemnation for the act of violence perpetuated by Hamas. Meanwhile, Rotem is currently recovering from his injuries at a hospital in southern Israel.

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