Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

A Delhi Police head constable named Surendra Rana was recently arrested for the murder of his former colleague, Mona Yadav, two years after the incident occurred. Mona’s family had tirelessly fought for justice and relentlessly pursued the truth behind her disappearance.

During a meeting with a senior police officer, Mona’s elder sister emotionally recounted the long and difficult journey their family had been on. She spoke of their dreams for Mona and how those dreams were shattered when she went missing. The sister, who chose to remain anonymous, revealed that their father, a sub-inspector with UP police, had passed away in 2011. Mona, being an excellent student, had aspired to become an IAS officer and was determined to fulfill their father’s dream.

Mona joined the Delhi Police in 2014 and met Rana during her posting at the control room. Rana, a married head constable, allegedly murdered Mona in 2021 after she rejected his proposal. Two of Rana’s brothers-in-law were also arrested for their involvement in covering up the crime.

Mona’s sister explained that Rana had often visited their home, and they had never suspected any ulterior motive from him. Mona later got a job with the Uttar Pradesh police and moved to Mukherjee Nagar to prepare for the civil services entrance exam. Rana continued to maintain a friendly relationship with her, referring to her as “beta” and caregiving. However, when Mona went missing in 2021, Rana claimed to have no knowledge of her whereabouts.

In an attempt to cover up his crime, Rana concocted an elaborate plan to convince Mona’s family that she was alive but did not wish to be in contact with them. He involved his brother-in-law, Rabin, who pretended to be Mona’s husband and called her family, claiming that they were in hiding due to opposition from Rabin’s family. Despite their suspicions, Mona’s family had no proof and relied on Rana’s manipulation.

Rana went to great lengths to deceive Mona’s family, even sending them audio recordings of him purportedly communicating with Mona. He manipulated the audio clips, adding his voice to simulate conversations with her. Mona’s sister embarked on a relentless search for her sister, traveling to different states whenever Mona’s ATM card was used. She would view CCTV footage from ATM kiosks and keep chasing leads provided by Rana, hoping to find Mona.

To further entangle Mona’s family in his web of lies, Rana arranged for a woman to be vaccinated and obtained a COVID-19 jab certificate in Mona’s name. Despite growing suspicions about Rana’s involvement, Mona’s family had no concrete evidence. When they approached the police at the Mukherjee Nagar police station, they were informed that Mona had eloped, which devastated the family. However, Mona’s sister refused to lose hope and persisted in her pursuit of justice.

After eight months of filing a missing complaint, a case was finally registered, but there were no significant breakthroughs. Two months ago, Mona’s sister met with Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora and shared her heartbreaking account. The case was subsequently transferred to the crime branch, which made significant progress in resolving the case within two months.

Mona’s sister now awaits the strict punishment of the accused and has requested senior police officers to recover Mona’s remains so that the family can give her a proper farewell.

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