Tue. May 21st, 2024

A dashcam video captured the tragic moment when Gayatri Joshi’s Lamborghini collided with a Ferrari and a camper van in Italy’s Sardinia. The accident resulted in the deaths of Swiss tourists Melissa Krautli (63) and Markus Krautli (67) after their Ferrari caught fire.

The incident occurred during the Sardinia Supercar Tour, a luxury car parade where drivers can explore the area using rented luxury vehicles. Gayatri and her husband Vikas Oberoi were on vacation on the Italian island. The video shows several sports cars lining up behind a camper van on a narrow two-lane highway. Gayatri’s blue Lamborghini attempted to overtake the van, but the Ferrari behind them sharply steered to overtake both vehicles, resulting in a collision.

The impact caused the camper van to overturn, engulfing the whole scene in a cloud of dust. Although Gayatri and her husband were unhurt, they were visibly shaken. In the aftermath of the crash, Gayatri is seen sitting on the side of the road near her damaged car, while her husband tries to comfort her.

Photos of the crash scene show the mangled front of the Lamborghini on the side of the highway. Gayatri, 46, is best known for her role in the 2004 movie ‘Swades’ alongside Shah Rukh Khan. Her husband, a Mumbai-based property magnate, married her shortly after the film was completed.

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