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Shah Rukh Khan’s Ask SRK session is one of the most loved interactive sessions of his fans. As his upcoming Dunki has one month to release, the actor hosted the session on his X (formerly known as Twitter) and answered a lot of questions including Dunki. During the Ask SRK session, a fan asked the actor to define Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal, and other characters in one word.

Shah Rukh Khan defines Dunki family in one word

During the Ask SRK session on Twitter, a fan asked, “Define your #Dunki family in one word Tapsee Raju Boman Vicky #AskSRK.” Shah Rukh Khan made a list and answered, “Manu :Love Gulati: Hope Buggu: low IQ Balli: low patience Sukhi : Intense Abhijaat : High IQ Raju : Bossman Hardy : Friend.”

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The actor started his interactive session with fans by posting, “Have 15 minutes to dwell on life the universe and everything else. Ok zyaada ho gaya!! Let’s do a simple why? What? Where? for 15 mins. Feeling happy and feeling Lutt Putt types…#ASKSrk time now….”

During the interactive session, a fan asked, “asked Shah Rukh Khan which seat he should book for the upcoming Dunki.” To which, Shah Rukh answered, “Bhai mera toh manna hai houseful jayegi. Ghar se hi Sofa leke aa jaana seat toh nahi milegi!! #Dunki.” (Brother, I am sure the film will be houseful. Bring an extra sofa from your house because I believe you won’t get any seats).

Another fan asked, “Aapki bikhre bikhre baalo ka raaz #AskSRK #Dunki (What is the secret of your messy hair?” King Khan replied, “Aamla, Bhringraaj aur Methi  lagata hoon!!! #Dunki.”

Meanwhile, Dunki will hit theaters on December 22, 2023.

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