Sat. May 18th, 2024

An ongoing dispute has erupted between the ruling YSRCP and the opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) over the health of former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu, who is currently in jail. Naidu’s family claims that he has lost five kg in the past month, while the government insists that he has actually gained one kg. Naidu, who is 73 years old, has been in Rajamahendravaram Central Jail since September 10 when he was remanded as prisoner 7691 in connection with an alleged Rs 371 crore skill development scam.

Naidu’s son Lokesh, wife Bhuvaneswari, and daughter-in-law Brahmani have all expressed concern for his well-being on Twitter. Lokesh stated that his father is facing numerous issues, including mosquitoes, contaminated water, weight loss, infections, and allergies, without timely access to medical care. Bhuvaneswari worried that if Naidu loses another 2 kg, it could lead to kidney complications. Brahmani highlighted the inadequate and unsanitary conditions in the prison that pose a significant risk to Naidu’s health.

The family had previously raised concerns about Naidu’s skin allergy and the threat of dengue from mosquitoes in the prison. YSRCP rebel MP Raghurama Krishnamaraju has written a letter to Governor Abdul Nazir alleging that there is a threat to Naidu’s life. TDP spokesperson Pattabhi questioned why a health assessment panel had not been formed for Naidu, who is an NSG protectee, to evaluate his medical condition. He stated that they would seek treatment for their leader at a private or well-equipped government hospital.

In response to these claims, the jail authorities released a health bulletin confirming that Naidu’s health parameters were normal. They also stated that dermatologists had examined him and prescribed medication. YSRCP spokesperson Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy dismissed the concerns about Naidu’s health as exaggerated, stating that health bulletins are only released for critical patients. He mentioned that Naidu has been provided with a separate barrack for security reasons, receives food and water from home, and should not expect the luxuries of an air conditioner in jail.

Reddy emphasized that Naidu is treated similarly to other prisoners and that expecting preferential treatment is unreasonable. The dispute over Naidu’s health continues to escalate between the ruling and opposition parties in Andhra Pradesh.

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