Sat. May 18th, 2024

Capital Mind CEO Deepak Shenoy expressed his frustration with the Bengaluru administration on social media, after the cancellation of the Trevor Noah show he was supposed to attend in the city. In a tweet, Shenoy stated, “If it takes a crisis to fix a city, then Bengaluru needs a massive recession.” He responded to the suggestion of working from home, saying that it is not always feasible due to factors such as camaraderie, business needs, and complications like multiple jobs and fraud. Shenoy added that businesses have the option to shift to a different city or operate virtually if working from home is a viable option. He also highlighted the city’s tendency to only fix issues during a crisis, mentioning the annual re-fixing of drains after floods. Prior to this, Shenoy quoted Trevor Noah’s post about the cancellation and shared his experience of the event, which was held in a warehouse with poor acoustics. Trevor Noah had to cancel his Bengaluru shows due to technical issues, expressing his disappointment and assuring ticket holders of full refunds.

By admin