Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
In a world of glitz and glamour, where celebrities often seem untouchable, Chrissy Teigen stands out as a beacon of relatability and heart-warming family moments. The beloved American model, a mother of four, gave us yet another glimpse into her joyful life as she shared a series of delightful videos and snapshots that capture the pure essence of parenthood. Chrissy’s latest post reveals what it’s like to have not one but two little ones under the age of one, and it’s nothing short of heart-melting.

Halloween Happiness

In her one beautiful Halloween post, Chrissy shared some precious moments with her two youngest bundles of joy, Esti Maxine and Wren Alexander. The babies, only 9 and 4 months old were all dressed up for Halloween, and the cuteness factor was off the charts.
She shared a video that started with Esti Maxine dressed as an adorable tiger, grooving to the iconic Monster Mash song. Chrissy couldn’t help but sing along and share the Halloween spirit with her little one.
In her next clip, Wren Alexander, dressed as Woody from Toy Story, was bouncing on her husband John Legend’s lap. They were grooving to Super Freak by Rick James.
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Keeping it real

In one video, she was seen scrubbing her wooden floor with acetone, and she made light of the situation. It’s a reminder that even celebrities have their everyday chores and mishaps. In the last picture of their perfectly curated dump, there was another picture capturing the real mess that babies tend to make. Esti created a mess in the kitchen while relishing a bowl of spaghetti resulting in sauce spread across her face, bib, and chair.
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Pure family love and bonds to cherish

The post also included some snapshots of Chrissy with her little ones. There’s a lovely family photo of her and John cuddling baby Wren. Another sweet moment captured Chrissy giving Est a kiss on the cheek.
Esti’s adorable grin and her two bottom teeth stole the show. Wren was all smiles too, as he relaxed in a colourful ball pit.
Chriss and John also have two older children, Luna Simone and Miles, making their family of six complete. It’s clear that while parenting can be a whirlwind of diaper changes and feedings, it’s also a beautiful journey filled with moments of pure joy and love.

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