Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Welcome back to World Brief, where we’re looking at Pakistan’s retaliatory strikes on Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ruling out a future Palestinian state, and Uganda’s opposition leader under house arrest. Sign up to receive World Brief in your inbox every weekday.

Pakistan struck back at Iran, claiming their military strikes targeted Baluch militants hiding near the border city of Saravan. The attack killed at least 10, according to Iranian authorities, though Pakistan denies harming any civilians. This comes as tensions rise between the neighboring countries and follows an Iranian attack on a Baluch separatist group based in Pakistan two days prior. The situation led acting Prime Minister Anwar ul-Haq Kakar to cut short his trip to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Israel’s Prime Minister publicly rejected the idea of a Palestinian state, insisting on Israeli security control over all territory west of the Jordan River. His announcement comes amid escalating violence in the region as the Israel Defense Forces push into southern Gaza following retaliatory fire from Palestinian militants. At the same time, Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine is under house arrest, accusing the military of surrounding his home, in response to his call for national protests over the country’s poor transportation infrastructure.

Elsewhere, U.S. sanctions against former Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei and nearly 300 other officials and private citizens aim to support anti-corruption efforts in the Latin American country. This decision follows the barring of Giammattei from entering the U.S. on Wednesday due to allegations of corruption, among other accusations. And in Taiwan, pro-independence Vice President Lai Ching-te won the presidential election, sparking fear and tension with China as the country seeks to resist Chinese influence.

Even the Guinness Book of World Records faced scrutiny this week following skepticism over the true age of a Portuguese dog named Bobi, who holds the title of the “oldest dog ever.” His age and record have been temporarily paused as questions about his true age have been raised, leaving the cute pup in the middle of controversy.

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