Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Moradabad: A woman from Uttar Pradesh lost Rs 18 lakh in cash that she had saved for her daughter’s wedding due to a termite infestation in her bank locker. Alka Pathak, a resident of Moradabad, had deposited the money in her locker at Bank of Baroda’s Ashiana branch in October last year. Recently, the bank contacted her to renew the locker agreement and update her ‘Know Your Customer’ details. When she opened the locker, she was devastated to find that the currency notes had been destroyed by termites. The incident has also shocked the bank officials, who have reported the matter to the Bank of Baroda headquarters. Ms Pathak has accused the bank of not providing her with any information and has threatened to seek media help if she does not receive a satisfactory response. According to Reserve Bank of India rules, storing cash in bank lockers is prohibited. The Bank of Baroda locker agreement clearly states that cash or currency should not be stored in lockers, and the bank is responsible for any loss due to theft, burglary, or robbery.

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