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Drake is an ever-dynamic singer and rapper. He has some of the most astonishing beats on his belt that have made us dance all night long. Drake, a prominent character in modern popular music, is credited with popularizing singing and R&B tendencies in hip hop. He has been in the business for a very long time and has many influential friends. One of them also includes the global phenomenon of Taylor Swift. The God’s Plan singer and Cruel Summer singer go way back and share an amazing bond. In his recent song Red Button from his latest album, the rapper gave Swift an amazing shoutout.

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Drake mentions Taylor Swift in his song Red Button

Drake, who released his eighth studio album last month, released new music on Thursday night, and one of his new tracks showed his inner Swiftie. In the lyrics of Red Button, which was released alongside Drake’s new project, Scary Hours 3, at midnight on Thursday, there was a special mention of Taylor Swift.

In the lyrics to the song, Drake raps, “Taylor Swift is the only n***a that I ever rated. Only one could make me drop the album just a little later. Rest of y’all, I treat you like you never made it.”

Given that Drake and Swift are consistently at the top of the music charts, it’s not surprising that the 37-year-old rapper made a reference to the 33-year-old pop sensation. Her Loss, Drake and 21 Savage’s collaborative album released last year, was originally set for October 28 but was then pushed back to November 4. When it was released, it surpassed Swift’s Midnights, which was released on October 21st, to take the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Taylor Swift and Drake’s immaculate friendship

Despite the ongoing competition, Drake and Swift maintain a good relationship. Their friendship first began back in 2011 when Drake applauded Taylor Swift for her then-album Speak Now and shared on Twitter (now X) how proud he was of her. But it was in 2013 when the two first met and hugged each other. Drake, being the gentleman he is, was extremely chivalrous with the Blank Space singer.

Both of them had a similar track list earlier on their road to success. They often wrote and sang about past relationships. In 2016, they did an ad film for Apple where they both jammed each other’s songs as they worked out. Drake was seen dancing and working out to Swift’s Shake It Off, and Swift ran on the treadmill to the beats of Jumpman. The two often had fun engaging on social media.

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