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Season four of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City aired a new episode on November 14, 2023, and the equations between the cast are changing as situations arise. The members of season four consist of Lisa Barlow, Heather Gay, Meredith Marks, Whitney Rose, Angie Katsanevas, Monica Garcia, and Mary Cosby. It premiered on September 5, 2023, on Bravo. Here’s a recap of what happened in episode 10 titled Mormons Get a Bad Rap.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City 4, episode 10 recap

Whitney and Lisa’s heated argument

Lisa arrives at Whitney’s house and the latter questions the former about her behavior at the pop-up event. “What the f*ck happened? I’m mortified that [you and Monica] behaved that way at my [event].” Lisa defended herself saying she didn’t start it and it was not her fault that Monica was ridiculous. Whitney replied that she didn’t care who started it since both of them should have had enough self-awareness they were screaming at her business event.

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Though Lisa apologized to Whitney, their conversation only got more heated later. The latter mentioned in her confessional that it was difficult talking to Lisa since she only saw things from her perspective. Lisa started using harsher words after which Whitney’s 10-year-old son Brooks was spotted peeking to see what was happening. This was when Whitney decided to tell Lisa to shut things down. “I really don’t talk like that in my home,” she warned.

Whitney further told Lisa that her children were getting worried considering the high volume of the conversation and the words being used during it. She asked her to lower her voice and keep a check on her language. Though Lisa said she understood, she complained about it in her confessional claiming the first rule is to not make a guest feel uncomfortable.

Heather’s visit to Mary’s house

Heather visited Mary’s home and was quite excited about it. She said there was there was no question when she was invited by the latter. “Grandpa Joe gets out of bed for two reasons: Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and Mary Cosby’s house tour,” Heather joked. Mary, on the other hand, had other priorities. She questioned Heather about what she wrote about her in her book and stated it wasn’t true. Heather insisted that every word was true.

Mary disagreed with the words boujie and poised being used to describe her. “Miss Mary, you are boujie and poised!” Heather replied and stated that even she felt hurt when Mary said she looked inbred. “Do you think I look inbred?” Heather asked Mary again, who replied without a pause, “I do.” Their chat concluded with Mary saying, “If that bothered you, let me apologize now. I just was angry, and I’m sorry. I would never want to intentionally hurt you.”

Lisa and Angie’s chat regarding Monica

At Heather’s book event, Lisa and Angie have their own issues. “I know you’re upset. You feel like I’m taking [Monica’s] side,” Angie told Lisa. The latter responded that she is just confused about her behavior considering she doesn’t like Monica and is not close with her. Angie responded that it was true but things have been good with her off-late which is why she’s trying to move forward with it. “There was some resolve,” she explained.

Angie revealed she did not want to tell her about making up with Monica since she knew Lisa would get upset. During her confessional, Lisa ranted, “It is such a f*cking copout to say I’m the reason you’re not telling me something. You’re the reason you’re not telling me something. You’re weak, you’re afraid and you’re a liar.” Angie further added that she felt she was on eggshells because she was concerned about Lisa’s feelings getting hurt.

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