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Vidya Balan has been associated with the Indian film industry for decades now. In her illustrious career, she has played multiple roles that got her fame and accolades. However, in the past years, she learned how to love her body and be thankful for it. Recently, the actress spoke about her struggles with weight.

Vidya Balan recalls her struggles with body positivity

Vidya Balan recently attended the 54th IFFI in Goa. During a session, the actress shared how she was sending hate to her body. “I was constantly saying, ‘You are not what I want you to be’. And therefore, I was constantly falling sick. I started working with a healer 12 years ago and I realized that you are abusing the very thing that’s keeping you alive.”

After a lot of struggles, The Dirty Picture actress finally started being thankful for her body and believing in it. Since then, it has been a game-changer for her. “Today, however, I wake up in the morning, I feel good about myself, and on days I don’t, I then tell myself, ‘It’s okay, tomorrow will be a new day. Let me live with what I am feeling today’,” Balan shared adding that she had started to feel small in her ‘bigness’. “That’s ridiculous. It was almost like I was cowering.”

Further on, she revealed the thing she has been grateful to God for. “My size has never mattered to me when I face the camera. I love the camera so much I trust it so much that I believe that it will always love me back.”

When asked to share a piece of advice to those who get demotivated by societal judgment, the Mission Mangal actress spilled, “Forget about how they are judged, how do they judge themselves is important. When you look into the mirror, how you feel. And if you don’t feel good, it’s okay. We are humans and we have good and bad days, but fake it till you make it,” she divulged adding that we should tell ourselves to that we love and accept ourselves “A little more every day, and it really works. We women have allowed our bodies to form such a large part of our identities,” she added.

Concluding her statement, the Tumhari Sulu actress said that when we gain weight, we feel undesirable. However, when we shed some pounds, we suddenly feel like maybe we deserve a little more in life. Talking about her struggle with it, she said, “It is ridiculous because your body is what’s keeping you alive and it must be honored at all costs. I also learned this very important lesson a few years ago because I have had my struggles, which you have all known and it’s out there for everyone who has seen me through the years.”

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