Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Welcome Foreign Policy’s SitRep! Jack and Robbie are back. U.S.-U.K. relationship is strained after a U.S. scientist suggested salt in tea, causing uproar in Britain. The U.S. Embassy in London denounced suggestion but cheekily stood by the American tradition of microwaving tea. The Brits retaliated with a video of U.K. soldiers, sailors, and pilots making tea. Next up is the debate on what qualifies as a “biscuit.” Here’s the day’s highlights: Europe secures U.S. ties for a possible second Trump term, U.S. Navy defends against more attacks from Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis, and South Africa’s human rights violations. Trump’s impact on Europe. Experts and officials believe that the transatlantic relationship could be at risk with the possibility of a second Trump term. The first time out, Trump pushed for a plan to remove U.S. troops from Germany and questioned the existence of NATO, which caused tensions with U.S. allies. However, Trump also sought to increase defense spending from NATO countries, and it remains uncertain if he would withdraw from the alliance in a second term. Worries and precautions. U.S. and European officials are quietly discussing potential actions to take if Trump gets reelected, fearing potential policy changes. However, a second Trump presidency is uncertain, and other political issues may dominate his agenda. Some European officials also feel that the Biden administration should apply more leverage on Congress to address the deadlock over the proposed U.S. military aid package to Ukraine. European solidarity. Congress passed a bill in 2023 that prevents any U.S. president from unilaterally withdrawing from NATO, without Senate or congressional action. Some Eastern European officials worry that European leaders may overlook Trump and turn to Russia and China if he gets reelected, potentially causing Europe to drift away from American influence. Personnel appointments. President Biden has made several important personnel appointments, including a new U.S. ambassador to Iraq and a new president and CEO for the Asia Society. Ivo Daalder, former U.S. ambassador to NATO, has joined a public affairs firm. Additionally, Biden has made appointments to federal boards and commissions. High on radar. U.S. Navy warship downed missiles launched at it.

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