Sat. May 18th, 2024

Babar Azam, the captain of the Pakistani cricket team, expressed his gratitude for the warm reception he and his team have received since arriving in India for the World Cup. While he feels “at home” in Hyderabad, he also acknowledged the absence of Pakistani cricket fans during their preparations for the tournament.

The Pakistan team has been based in Hyderabad, where they played two warm-up matches and are scheduled to face New Zealand on October 6 in their opening match. Recently, the Pakistan Cricket Board wrote to the ICC, urging them to expedite the visa process for Pakistani fans and media.

Babar Azam spoke highly of the hospitality they have experienced in Hyderabad, stating that it exceeded their expectations. He mentioned that the way people have responded to their team has been enjoyable for everyone. Despite being in India for a week, Babar expressed that it feels like they are at home and sees this as a golden opportunity for the team to give their best and enjoy the tournament.

However, Babar Azam expressed his desire to see Pakistani fans among the crowd in Hyderabad. He mentioned that the team appreciated the warm welcome they received from the airport to the hotel and on the ground during their last match. He added that having fans from their own country would have been even better, and they will strive to get similar support in every match and stadium.

In terms of their team’s strength, Babar Azam emphasized their bowling capabilities. He stated that though they have been playing together for the past three years, their most significant strength lies in their bowling. He also mentioned the team’s excitement to play against India on October 14 at the world’s largest cricket stadium.

Babar Azam addressed the absence of Pakistani players in the Indian Premier League (IPL), explaining that they have no pressure due to their familiarity with the conditions in India. He stated that the conditions in India are similar to those in Pakistan and other Asian countries. He mentioned that they have had a week to practice and play warm-up matches, so there is no significant difference for them.

Babar Azam concluded by saying that the boundaries in Indian cricket grounds are small, leaving little margin for bowlers. He predicted high scores in the matches due to the batsmen taking advantage of any slight errors made by the bowlers.

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