Tue. May 21st, 2024

Puducherry’s lone woman legislator, S Chandira Priyanga, has resigned as a minister from the AINRC-BJP government, citing gender and caste-based discrimination. The 34-year-old politician expressed frustration with the male-dominated political world, stating that it hampers the growth of women. Despite being educated and privileged, Priyanga believes that women are not given the respect they deserve in politics, regardless of their capabilities and performance.

Priyanga made history in 2021 when she became the first woman in over 40 years to be appointed as a minister in Puducherry. She was assigned the Transport portfolio in the cabinet led by N Rangasamy. However, she now feels liberated after her resignation and plans to focus on serving the people who have placed their trust in her.

Priyanga emphasized that gender, background, and social status should not matter in politics. What should matter, she said, is the ability to deliver and work for the people. Unfortunately, Priyanga faced harassment rooted in patriarchy, which she found intolerable.

In her resignation letter, Priyanga urged Chief Minister N Rangasamy to appoint a person from a marginalized community, such as Dalit or Vanniyar, as her replacement in the ministry. She acknowledged the support she received from her constituents but admitted that she struggled to combat the politics of conspiracy and the influence of money power.

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