Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Actor Gayatri Joshi and husband Vikas Oberoi have returned to Mumbai after surviving a horrific car crash in Italy. The accident, which occurred on October 2 in Sardinia, involved their Lamborghini and a Ferrari, resulting in the deaths of two people. Oberoi, a billionaire and the chairman and managing director of Oberoi Realty, and Joshi, who made her Bollywood debut in the film ‘Swades,’ were unharmed in the incident. The Oberoi group confirmed their safety and return to Mumbai in a statement. Italian police are currently investigating the crash and have obtained videos from the scene. The collision took place during the Sardinia Supercar Tour, a luxury car parade that allows drivers to explore the area with rented luxury vehicles. The Ferrari caught fire after the accident, resulting in the death of its occupants. The Lamborghini had significant damage, including its roof being ripped off, and the camper van involved in the crash overturned. Both Joshi and Oberoi were visibly shaken by the incident.

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