Tue. May 21st, 2024

Sderot: Palestinian militant group Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel, leaving the country in shock. Bloodied bodies and bullet-scarred vehicles were found in the streets of the southern Israeli town of Sderot, where Hamas gunmen were still fighting Israeli troops hours after the attack began. At least 100 people were reported dead and over 1,000 wounded, with fighting continuing in over 20 locations in the Gaza Strip. The attack took place on the Jewish Sabbath and coincided with the religious holiday of Simchat Torah, causing a major national trauma in a country known for its strong military. Witnesses reported that Hamas gunmen backed by rocket barrages entered towns and villages near the border, disrupting a dance party attended by hundreds of people. Footage on social media showed terrified individuals running away from militants as gunshots rang out. The assaults on Israeli civilians were the deadliest since the Palestinian suicide bombings of the Second Intifada two decades ago. Palestinian militant groups shared videos on social media claiming to show captured Israeli soldiers and civilians being taken into Gaza as hostages. Israeli TV stations received calls from terrified residents seeking refuge in shelters as gunmen attempted to break in. The attack has left Israel reeling with fear and uncertainty.

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