Sat. May 18th, 2024

Humans of Bombay recently took legal action against People of India (POI) for copyright infringement. The Delhi High Court has issued a permanent injunction, forbidding POI from plagiarizing Humans of Bombay’s literary works and creative expressions. The founder of Humans of Bombay, Karishma Mehta, addressed the controversy on social media, stating that their case was about “substantial imitation.” She explained that they pursued legal action because POI continued to plagiarize their content even after Meta removed 16 of their posts. Ms. Mehta emphasized that the Indian courts would not have taken action if there hadn’t been explicit plagiarism. She expressed gratitude to the Delhi High Court for supporting their contentions and addressed the trolling and criticism they faced for running Humans of Bombay as a business. Ms. Mehta stated that the outcome of this case would set a precedent and protect original content created by creators. She also revealed that her team and family had been subjected to bullying and personal attacks. Despite this, she affirmed their commitment to telling important stories and changing narratives. According to Humans of Bombay’s plea, People of India allegedly violated copyright by using their films without permission and copying their storytelling format.

By admin