Sat. May 18th, 2024

NewsClick, a news website currently under investigation for its alleged ties to China-linked entities and broadcasting Chinese propaganda, has been accused of conspiring to disrupt India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. According to a copy of the FIR obtained by NDTV, the FIR names NewsClick, its founder Prabir Purkayastha, its human resources head Amit Chakravarty, as well as journalists, civil society activists, and other individuals. The accused are alleged to have attempted to cause disaffection against India and to threaten the country’s unity, integrity, and security.

The FIR reveals that secret information suggests that foreign funds amounting to crores have been illegally infused into India by Indian and foreign entities hostile to the country’s interests. The document states that M/s PPK NewsClick Studio Pvt Ltd has received fraudulent funds amounting to crores of Indian rupees through illegal means from M/s Worldwide Media Holdings LLC and others since April 2018.

The FIR specifically mentions Neville Roy Singham, an American millionaire with close ties to the Chinese government’s media apparatus, as the one responsible for the fraudulent infusion of foreign funds. Singham, who is currently residing in Shanghai, China, has been implicated in a report by The New York Times for operating a global financial network that supports Chinese propaganda.

In addition to the allegations of fraudulent funding, the FIR also connects NewsClick, Mr. Purkayastha, and others to various events, including the farmers’ protest of 2020/21, for which the government faced criticism from opposition parties and social activists. The FIR accuses the accused individuals of undermining India’s unity and territorial integrity.

It is now pending to see the response from the accused parties.

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