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During a recent interview, actor Imran Khan opened up about his career as an actor. Imran is best known for his roles in the romantic comedy Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and the bold crime comedy Delhi Belly, and he fondly reminisced about both films. However, he also acknowledged that he now sees his movie Luck differently based on others’ perspectives. After being out of the spotlight for several years, Imran made a comeback to public life and his fans are delighted to hear his thoughts on his past work.

Imran Khan opens up on his past movie titled Luck

During a recent interaction on the IFP YouTube channel, Imran mentioned that he recently revisited his previous projects and was pleasantly surprised to notice the progressive and non-toxic nature of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and Break Ke Baad. However, he wasn’t as positive when discussing Luck, released in 2009, as he didn’t have many favorable things to say about it. He noted that his comeback started with a post on Instagram about the movie, and he didn’t anticipate receiving the level of response that he ultimately did.

Describing it as a disaster, he shared how, upon its release, the reception was harsh, to the point where people figuratively wanted to “tar and feather” him or take him behind the “latrines” for his involvement in what they perceived as a “horrible film”. He said, “You don’t understand how weird this is to me. When the film released, it was a disaster. They tarred and feathered me, they took me out back to shoot me behind the latrines for taking part in such a horrible film.”

He mentioned that hearing someone say “woohoo” about the film feels strange to him, and he wondered if the person was being sincere and not sarcastic. He added, “It’s quite a journey to reshape your perspective on something like that, where to me, this was a horrible, shameful film, and I should be ashamed of it. But yet, someone says, ‘Hey, I like it, I enjoy it’.” He concluded saying that it’s “remarkable” and makes him feel like the time invested in the film wasn’t wasted.

About Imran Khan’s comeback

Imran Khan, who was last seen in the 2015 film Katti Batti, has hinted at ending his eight-year-long break from acting. As reported by Pinkvilla earlier, he is set to reunite with director Abbas Tyrewala, who helmed Jaane Tu..Ya Jaane Na, for a web series marking Imran’s comeback. Described as an espionage thriller, the series is scheduled to be available on a prominent streaming platform.

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