Tue. May 21st, 2024

A meeting has been called by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a top grouping of Islamic nations, to discuss the ongoing Israel-Gaza war. The meeting, described as “urgent” and “extraordinary,” aims to address the military escalation and the threat posed to civilians in Gaza. Saudi Arabia, the current chair of the Islamic Summit, has invited member nations to attend the meeting in Jeddah on Wednesday. The OIC, consisting of 57 nations across four continents, is the second-largest organization after the United Nations and considers itself the collective voice of the Muslim world. This meeting comes on the same day that Saudi Arabia suspended talks on potential normalization of ties with Israel. It is worth noting that Saudi Arabia has never recognized Israel and did not join the 2020 Abraham Accords that established formal ties between Israel and some of its Gulf neighbors. Saudi Arabia’s concerns about the plight of Palestinians in Gaza have grown in recent days, as Israel has conducted numerous strikes and ordered evacuations in the region, resulting in the displacement of thousands of Palestinians. Saudi Arabia’s strong language criticizing Israel’s actions marks a significant shift in its stance since the war began.

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