Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Israeli Air Force jets have launched airstrikes on multiple Hamas targets in response to the militant group’s rocket attacks on Israel. The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) shared a video showcasing the strikes, urging the public to follow the instructions of the Home Front Command for their own safety.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel is currently in a state of war with Hamas. He emphasized that this is not merely an operation or a series of rounds, but an all-out war. Netanyahu accused Hamas of launching a surprise attack on Israel, characterizing it as a “murderous” act.

“I have ordered a significant mobilization of reserves and authorized a response that will exceed anything the enemy has witnessed before. The enemy will pay an unprecedented price,” Netanyahu added.

The Israeli army reported engaging Gaza militants who infiltrated Israel through various means, including paragliders, the sea, and the ground. Israel’s army spokesman, Richard Hecht, confirmed ongoing battles in multiple locations surrounding the Gaza Strip and stated that Israeli forces were currently fighting on the ground within Israel.

Although Hecht acknowledged the existence of casualties, he refrained from providing further details or confirming reports on the capture of Israeli individuals by Palestinian militants.

To address the escalating situation, thousands of military reservists will be called upon in Gaza, as well as in areas near Lebanon, Syria, and the occupied West Bank.

This article includes information from AFP.

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