Sat. May 18th, 2024

Palestinian militant group Hamas has launched a “war” against Israel, according to Defence Minister Yoav Gallant. This comes after rockets were fired into Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip. In a statement, Mr. Gallant stated that Hamas has made a grave mistake and launched a war against Israel. He further added that Israeli troops are engaged in fighting against the enemy and called on all citizens to follow security instructions. Mr. Gallant expressed confidence in Israel’s victory in this war.

Israel’s police chief, Yaakov Shabtai, stated that special police forces are operating in 21 locations, with the entire south of Israel sealed off. The conflict erupted after rockets were launched from various locations in the Palestinian territory. This escalation in violence follows months of heightened tensions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, leading to a significant increase in casualties in the occupied West Bank.

Air raid sirens sounded throughout Israel’s south and central areas, prompting the Israeli army to urge the public to seek shelter in bomb shelters. The armed wing of Hamas claimed responsibility for the aerial assault, stating that its militants had fired over 5,000 rockets. The Israeli army emphasized that Hamas will be held accountable for these events.

The situation is still developing.

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