Tue. May 21st, 2024

President Joe Biden condemned the attacks by Hamas on US ally Israel as “sheer evil” in an emotional speech Tuesday. He expressed readiness to deploy additional military assets to the region. Biden stated that Hamas had committed atrocious acts, including the murders of entire families and the rapes of women. He also mentioned stomach-turning reports of babies being killed. Biden confirmed that 14 Americans had died, and some were taken hostage by Hamas. He assured Israel of the United States’ continuous support. Biden warned Israel’s adversaries, particularly Iran, against getting involved. Biden’s remarks were delayed while he and Vice President Kamala Harris spoke to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss support for Israel. The United States sent fresh military assistance to Israel and ordered its largest aircraft carrier to move closer to the country. Biden expressed willingness to deploy additional assets to show support for Israel. However, the conflict also created a hostage crisis for the US, with Hamas holding around 150 hostages. The United States offered intelligence and hostage recovery expertise to Israel. Biden’s response is closely watched at home, where Republicans accuse him of being soft on Iran. It is also scrutinized in the region due to fears of a regional conflagration. Biden and the leaders of France, Germany, Italy, and Britain warned parties hostile to Israel against exploiting the attacks for their advantage.

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