Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Kevin De Bruyne and Erling Haaland have poked fun at claims the Manchester City midfielder co-wrote one of Drake’s songs. As the question arises: Did Kevin De Bruyne really contribute to Drake’s new song or not? The answer is ‘no’


De Bruyne is accustomed to supporting Haaland on the field, but there were suggestions that he also collaborated with Drake in the studio. Interestingly, on Spotify, there’s a ‘K. De Bruyne’ credited as a co-writer for Drake’s track ‘Wick Man.’ On Friday, the Belgian athlete playfully hinted on Twitter that he contributed to the lyrics, and Haaland joined in on the banter. De Bruyne, a Drake enthusiast who met the rapper at a concert years ago, had his name noticed by keen fans in the credits of Drake’s new album released that Friday. Despite tearing his hamstring in August and being sidelined, De Bruyne clarified the speculation, stating, “All jokes aside, it’s not me! Huge fan though!”

Drake is set to drop his ‘Scary Hours 3’ project, mere weeks after his latest album release

Drake just spilled the beans on dropping new music tonight! He shared the news on Instagram, saying “Scary Hours 3 Tonight at Midnight.” This is part of his “Scary Hours” series, with the first one out in 2018 and “Scary Hours 2” in 2021. He also posted a video where he talks about the project. Get ready for some fresh tunes!

In the video he said, “I don’t feel the need to please anyone because I’m super confident about the new music I just released. I might take a break for a while, not because I like disappearing mysteriously, but because this creative vibe is hitting me hard. It’s like when I made ‘If You’re Reading This.’ I feel like I’m on some kind of high without actually doing anything. I made these songs in the last five days, no pre-written stuff. It’s just flowing naturally. And yeah, I did talk about taking a break earlier because of stomach issues, but now I’m dropping a new video and planning a tour with J. Cole in 2024.”


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