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It is hardly impossible to keep the Kardashians away from the spotlight as they know how to get the world talking about them. While their relationship has been a hot topic for discussion on the internet, Kourtney Kardashian certainly adds more spice to it. Recently, it was reported that she and her daughter, Penelope Disick, can not be around Tristan Thompson, and detailed her thoughts on him and his horrible decisions.

Kourtney Kardashian shares her thoughts about her sister’s ex Tristan Thompson

For the people who may not know, the Kardashian star, Khloé Kardashian was in a relationship with the NBA player and they dated on and off over the years, Kourtney Kardashian Barker shared her true feelings about her sister’s ex Tristan Thompson. On Thursday’s episode of The Kardashians, Kourtney opened up about her thoughts on the NBA player and revealed why her daughter Penelope Disick isn’t a huge fan of him either. She addresses Tristan’s infidelity in a harsher way and makes it known that she gets “so triggered” by him.

In the episode, Kourtney is seen on FaceTime with Khloé, who is on her way to pick up Penelope and take her to her house. In a further confessional, the Poosh founder elaborated and said, “Tristan has made horrible decisions and choices with my sister. There’s times when I’m so triggered by him I can’t be around him and then there’s times when I just let it go because we just want harmony and, you know, he’s the father of my niece and nephew.”

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Khloé Kardashian reacts to her relationship with Tristan Thompson

Later in the episode, as they arrived at the house and greeted Kourtney, Khloé Kardashian talked about her relationship status with Tristan Thompson. As she shares two kids — daughter True, 5, and son Tatum, 13 months with the NBA player, she said that she is really proud of herself. “I am able to allow him to be the father he wants to be,” she said.

However, Kourtney is not the first sister to react to Khloé and Tristan’s complicated relationship as in an earlier episode from early October, Kim Kardashian explained why she can not totally cut Tristan out of her life.

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