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Actress Priyanka Chopra is one of the most opinionated actresses in Bollywood and in the past, she has also delved into racial discrimination. Recently, her mother Madhu Chopra opined on why Priyanka felt that she ‘was not pretty’ despite having won beauty pageants and said that having Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder could be the underlying cause as everyone in the Chopra family was ‘fair’.

Madhu Chopra reveals how Priyanka Chopra could have had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as she had a wheatish complexion unlike others in the Chopra clan

During a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, Madhu Chopra discussed how the Barfi! star could have faced Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as the Chopras were fair unlike Priyanka, who was dusky. She also said that some people used to taunt her for her complexion and that could have possibly remained stuck in her head.

“I think she might have had childhood PTSD trauma because when she was very young, everyone in the Chopra family was ‘gora-chitta’ (fair) except her father. And she went on her father and she was not at all that bad, she was very good-looking, she had a ‘gehu’ (wheatish) complexion. But there were few people who taunted her about her complexion and maybe that remained in her head. Apart from that she was a stunner,” she said.

She further recalled an incident that happened when she went to meet Priyanka Chopra in America, who was barely 15 back then. Madhu Chopra recalled how she could not recognize her daughter after crossing her at the airport as she was ‘such a stunner’.

She was the most perfect baby born: Madhu Chopra on Priyanka Chopra

Madhu Chopra also recalled how Piggy Chops would get back at the relatives taunting her. The doting mother further showered her daughter with adulation and said that she was ‘always good looking’ and called her ‘the most perfect baby born’. She has always been extremely good-looking, added Chopra.

Madhu Chopra’s initial reaction to Nick Jonas

The doting mother also recalled the time when her daughter was about to get married to her now-husband Nick Jonas. Stating how everyone found the singer ‘likable’, Madhu Chopra said that she had a one-on-one chat with Jonas to understand if he would be right for her daughter.

Right after the discussion, the concerned mother came to the conclusion that Nick would be the ideal life partner for Pee Cee, and how he was the one that Madhu Chopra herself was looking for her daughter, she recalled.

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