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Steven Van Zandt is often considered to be the backbone of E Street Band and has been as influential in its success as his counterpart and bandmate Bruce Springsteen.

The multidimensional creative force who is a musician, screenwriter, and actor has never shied away from being completely himself even from a very young age. One of the most interesting facts about him has been his marriage to Maurice Van Zandt, who has been a central part of his life since 1982.

Steven and Maurice Van Zandt’s relationship

Steven Zandth is the creative powerhouse who has ignited E Street Band and has elevated its brand to new heights. Even Bruce Springsteen has admitted that the legendary artist is the most important person on the band and has been able to keep a firm grasp on not only the creative endeavor of the brand is but also its business aspects.

Though when he is not working hard for the band or writing a screenplay or two, Stevie as his friends like to call him is just a normal family man. He is married to Maurice Van Zandt, who is an actress and was also the wife of his iconic character on HBO’s The Sopranos.

The two had met when they were both quite young and got married in December 1982. Bruce Springsteen was Steve’s best man at the wedding. The iconic artist was his true self even at the wedding, with one of the articles covering the wedding published that it was difficult to recognize who’s the bride as Steve ditched the traditional wedding outfit and rocked his iconic polka dot bandana even at his wedding.

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Steven Van Zandt’s strong creative and moral stance

Despite being best of buddies with Bruce Springsteen for many years now, Steven Van Zandt had once left E Street Band over a creative difference with Springsteen. By that time he had married Maurice and he started his own band Little Seven and the Disciples of the Soul.

During this time he had turned his attention to some social causes as well, namely Apartheid in South Africa that was quite prevalent at the time and had seen a rise over the years due to increased racism.

Later on, he came back to E Street Band after his reconciliation with Bruce Springsteen and has never looked back since, being a major contributor to the Band’s continued success.

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