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The Miss Universe 2023 pageant is breaking new ground by welcoming married women, mothers, and representatives from the LGBTQ+ community, including a contestant who is the first-ever married Miss Universe participant with a husband and child. Camila Avella, a 28-year-old contestant, shared her excitement about the inclusive changes in an interview with HOLA! this month.

Miss Universe 2023: Camila Avella’s journey into the competition

Camila’s journey to Miss Universe took a unique turn. After a setback in 2018, she returns five years later, now married and with a family of her own. The changes in the competition rules, allowing married women to participate, have empowered her to embrace the challenge. In an exclusive interview with Hola this month, Camila expressed her passion for representing her country, Casanare, and breaking stereotypes. She aimed to be the first woman from Casanare to participate in Miss Colombia and realized her dream by winning the crown.

Camila highlighted her deep connection to her roots, culture, and race, expressing pride in her upbringing. The 28-year-old shared with HOLA, “My passion started because my department, Casanare, never sent many women to Miss Colombia to participate. I wanted to be the first girl to do it. Nowadays that dream came true, I became the first contestant from Casanare to get the crown. One of my biggest wishes was for my people in Colombia to find Casanare on the map. I feel proud that I was born and raised there. I’m a woman that always feels that attachment to her land, to her culture, to her race, to show what we’re made of.”

Does Camila Avella’s husband support her?

When asked about her husband’s support, Camila explained “When my husband and I got married, we knew that we we’re going to support each other’s goals and dreams, because that’s what marriage is about. It’s about teamwork. When my daughter was born, our priority became her and we understood that as parents we had the responsibility of showing her that she will never limit our achievements.

It’s been the opposite; she’s pushed us to achieve our goals. I’ve received incredible support from my family and from Colombia. Women are so much more than people try to make us. It’s very frustrating that that’s still a reality in my country and in Latin America.”

In the Miss Universe competition 2023, Camila Avella represents not only herself but also the breaking of barriers for married women. Her story exemplifies the strength that comes from embracing one’s identity and pursuing dreams, regardless of societal expectations. The pageant’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in the diverse backgrounds and experiences of its contestants, making it a historic and empowering event of all times.

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