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Georgie Cooper, portrayed by Montana Jordan in Young Sheldon, is the older brother of the titular character. As the quintessential Texan high school student, Georgie’s character provides a humorous contrast to Sheldon’s intellectual prowess. Despite their differences, the show delves into the complexities of their sibling relationship, showcasing moments of camaraderie and occasional clashes.

Georgie’s laid-back demeanor and resilience add depth to the Cooper family dynamics, offering a glimpse into the formative years of the character who becomes Sheldon Cooper, the beloved physicist from The Big Bang Theory.

Who plays Georgie Cooper in Young Sheldon?

Montana Jordan, a fresh face in the acting scene, embarked on his remarkable journey with no prior experience but an abundance of charisma. From the quaint town of Ore City in East Texas, Jordan’s acting career was sparked by the suggestion of locals who recognized his funny and outgoing nature.

His breakthrough came at 12 when he secured a role opposite Josh Brolin in the independent feature The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter, produced by Scott Rudin and directed by Jody Hill, slated for release in December 2017. At 14, Montana made his television debut as Georgie in Young Sheldon. Beyond the spotlight, his love for the outdoors, dirt bike racing since age 5, avid hunting, and athletic endeavors as part of the Ore City Rebels football team showcase his diverse interests.

Born on March 8 in Longview, Texas, Jordan’s portrayal of Georgie, an exceptionally confident character with a penchant for tricks on his siblings, aligned seamlessly with the nostalgic aesthetic of Young Sheldon set in the 1980s and early 1990s. Inspired by Patrick Swayze’s iconic looks, Jordan’s wardrobe added an authentic touch to the show’s retro ambiance. With his unique talent and genuine portrayal, Montana Jordan emerged as a dynamic addition to the world of television, leaving an indelible mark as the actor behind Georgie Cooper.

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Who is Montana Jordan’s girlfriend?

Montana Jordan’s personal life has been making waves, mainly due to his relationship with his girlfriend, Jenna. The couple’s journey began surfacing online in November 2022, suggesting they likely became a pair around that time.



Jenna has become a noticeable presence on Montana’s social media, with a recent post in March 2023 capturing the duo enjoying a meal together. Another heartwarming post from June 2023 showcases the couple embracing each other in front of a beautiful white lace backdrop, offering glimpses into their shared moments. While Montana doesn’t seem to have any new projects in 2023, his focus on enjoying life and quality time with his girlfriend is evident.

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