Tue. May 21st, 2024

In Gurugram, a man’s online date turned into a horrifying experience when a woman allegedly drugged him and disappeared with his belongings. The incident occurred during a Bumble rendezvous, where the man claimed that the woman took advantage of him and stole his mobile phone, valuable gold jewelry, and a substantial amount of Rs 1.78 lakh from his bank accounts.

The victim, Rohit Gupta, filed an official complaint stating that he met a woman named Sakshi, also known as Payal, through the Bumble dating app. According to Gupta, the woman mentioned that she was from Delhi and living with her aunt in Gurugram.

“On October 1, she called me and expressed her desire to meet. Around 10 pm, she asked me to pick her up from near Dockyard Bar in Sector 47. After picking her up, we bought some liquor from a nearby shop and went to my house,” Gupta said in his complaint.

Once they reached his house, the woman asked Gupta to get ice from the kitchen. During his absence, she allegedly spiked his drink with a drug.

“The effects of the drug were so severe that I woke up on the morning of October 3. I discovered that the woman was missing, along with my gold chain, iPhone 14 Pro, Rs 10,000 in cash, and my credit and debit cards,” Gupta stated in his complaint.

According to Gupta, a total of Rs 1.78 lakh was withdrawn from his credit and debit cards.

The woman, who is still at large, has been booked at Sector 29 Police Station as per the police.

(With inputs from PTI)

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