NBA 2K22 – Who Will Be On The Cover?

NBA 2K22 – Who Will Be On The Cover?

Luca Doncic, Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are some of the candidates for NBA players on the cover of NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K22 is, hopefully, less than two months away and we still don’t know anything about it. 2K didn’t reveal anything so far but we have hints that an official announcement should be coming soon. On July 4th, the team behind the game asked on Twitter “Who Deserves a Logo in 2K22?”. The NBA 2K Logo Program gives in-game logos to some of the most prominent members of the community. It might be that the game officials are finally ready to tell us something about the game. In the meantime, all we can do is speculate. One of our favorite all-time speculations is about the cover.

Who Will Be the NBA 2K22 Cover Athlete?

Leaks, speculations, and fake news about the NBA 2K22 cover have been going on for a while now. Even if some of the rumors proved false, they got the community talking. This is the case with the Instant Gaming NBA 2K22 listing. Instant Gaming is a key reseller website that has an NBA 2K22 listing. The entry showed the supposed game picture with Luca Doncic on the cover. It all proved to be fake but the word around the community is that the Dallas Mavericks player is a contender for this year’s cover athlete. Even after the image proved to be a fake, Instant Gaming didn’t take it down. Now, it has changed to another image. The website also shows a release date for NBA 2K22. This brings us to the next leak/rumor. This one is pretty believable. The NBA 2K22 cover and release date supposedly leaked on the Internet. The release date is September 10th. This is actually plausible. NBA 2K games usually come out around this date. The cover shows three players. We have Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant. This year’s NBA 2K edition will celebrate the 75th NBA anniversary. If we believe this leak, the game will come out in three versions. The most expensive edition will likely have veteran NBA player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the cover. He played for the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers. His accomplishments include six NBA championships, six MVP awards, and numerous other distinctions. He has certainly enough qualifications to be the star on the NBA 2K22 cover. Dirk Nowitzki, who retired in 2019 after an amazing NBA career is also a good candidate for a special edition. Durant is one of the best current NBA players so he will be on the standard game cover.

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