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After performing in New Delhi, Emmy-winning comedian Trevor Noah was scheduled to perform in Bengaluru on September 27-28 as part of his India tour ‘Off the Record’. However, due to poor sound quality at the venue, the shows had to be cancelled, disappointing the audience.

The show was supposed to start at 7.30 pm, but it began almost 50 minutes late. The opening act by standup comic Wilner Sylvince was not audible to the audience at the back. When Trevor took the stage, the audience kept complaining about the poor sound quality. Trevor took a break to try and fix the issue but was unsuccessful. He had no choice but to announce the cancellation of the show and assure ticket holders of a full refund.

Trevor expressed his disappointment in a tweet, apologizing to the Bengaluru audience and explaining that the technical issues made it impossible to continue. He also mentioned that this had never happened to them before.

Eyewitnesses reported that the audience at the back of the venue couldn’t hear or see the performance. The Manpho Convention Centre, located near Manyata Tech Park in North Bengaluru, is not designed for an event of this scale. It lacks proper acoustics and adequate seating.

The packed audience was left with feelings of disappointment, anger, and even tears instead of laughter. It is surprising that such a renowned artist would perform at a subpar venue like this. The organizers, including ‘BookMyShow’ and Trevor’s event team, should have tested the sound quality before selecting the venue.

Adding to the chaos was the heavy traffic in Bengaluru on that particular day due to the Outer Ring Road congestion. Many ticket holders were unable to reach the venue, and some even tried to resell their tickets at lower prices. Trevor himself experienced the infamous traffic and was delayed, further contributing to the late start of the show.

An audience member expressed their embarrassment as a Bengalurean, questioning the judgment of choosing such a venue for a celebrity performance. The organizers failed to provide basic infrastructure and facilities for an event of this magnitude, ultimately damaging the city’s reputation.

This incident might make future international event organizers skeptical about India’s ability to organize programs featuring international celebrities. It is ironic considering the successful hosting of the G20 summit recently, which left a positive impression on global representatives.

There were several points of failure from the comedian’s management team in selecting the Indian organizers to the surprising choice of venue. The lack of proper seating, sound, and acoustics further worsened the experience for the audience.

Apologies and refunds cannot undo the damage caused to Bengaluru and India’s global reputation. It is unfortunate that such an incident occurred in the Silicon Valley of India.

Disclaimer: The author’s opinions are personal.

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