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Paris Hilton, the iconic heiress and early 2000s sensation, is set to make waves in the fashion world with her latest venture — a collaborative clothing line with online retailer The collection, comprising 70 pieces, draws inspiration from Paris’s life, style, and glamour of the early 2000s, as well as the vibes of Beverly Hills and Ibiza.

Paris Hilton is launching a new clothing brand Paris Hilton x Boohoo

Priced affordably under $100, the line features nostalgia-inducing items like velour tracksuits, leopard- and palm-print ball gowns, and a bold hot pink one-piece bathing suit exclaiming That’s Hot. Notably, a recreation of her famous silver sequin dress and a dazzling rhinestone collar add a touch of Paris’s signature style to the collection.

Expressing her excitement, Paris Hilton shares with Cosmo, “I have always loved being a trendsetter — creating my own style. I really just went all-out with this collection and it totally represents me,” she added “Beverly Hills hotel palm-inspired print dress,” the “sexy gold halter swimsuit,” and the “‘That’s Hot’ chihuahua tracksuit.”

Already a beauty mogul with 23 perfumes and a makeup line, Paris Hilton Cosmetics, Paris adds fashion designers to her repertoire. The launch of Paris Hilton x Boohoo is set for June 20, offering a chance for fans to immerse themselves in peak early 2000s nostalgia.

Why Paris Hilton is launching tracksuits?

The roots of Paris’s fashion journey trace back to her love for Juicy Couture tracksuits, a quintessential early 2000s fashion staple. Introduced to the brand by her friend Lara Shriftman, who worked for Juicy Couture, Paris recalls being immediately obsessed with the comfort and style of the velour tracksuits.

She became synonymous with the tracksuit, turning it into a must-have for every fashion enthusiast during the 2000s. The upcoming collection pays homage to this iconic fashion era, celebrating Paris Hilton’s influence on fashion.

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Paris Hilton’s net worth and fortune as a Businesswoman

Paris Hilton, one of the Hilton hotel chain heirs with an estimated $14.2 billion family fortune, has dedicated herself to various business ventures beyond her inheritance. While her share of the family wealth might be around a quarter of the total once her parents pass, Hilton has strategically built her substantial fortune through diverse enterprises.

As of Forbes’ latest assessment, Paris Hilton’s net worth stands at approximately $300 million. The breakdown of her wealth reveals multifaceted income streams. Notably, Hilton is an accomplished author, with two New York Times best-selling books: ‘Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Cheek Peek behind the Pose’ in 2004 and ‘Your Heiress Diary: Confess It All To Me’ in 2005. Additionally, she has successfully ventured into the realms of perfumes and jewelry.


Beyond literary and fashion pursuits, Hilton owns a thriving nightclub franchise spanning the United States and operates her record label, which launched in 2006. Embracing the DJ scene in the 2010s, she became the highest-paid female DJ in 2014. Hilton’s foray into entertainment also includes the release of a celebrity sex tape, contributing to her widespread popularity with millions of followers across various social media platforms.

In terms of real estate, Hilton boasts a $5.9 million residence in Sherman Oaks, California, along with previous holdings like a $6.2 million Beverly Hills home and another property in Hollywood Hills. In 2014, she acquired a $4.9 million home in Manhattan, and in 2021, she invested $8.4 million in an ocean-front Malibu villa. Remarkably, all of Hilton’s net worth is self-made, a testament to her entrepreneurial prowess beyond her familial ties to the hotel industry.

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