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Rebel Wilson joyfully celebrates her daughter Royce Lillian’s first birthday with a splendid party, sharing the fun-filled details on Instagram. Wilson with her partner, Ramona Agruma, welcomed their daughter in November 2022 and recently celebrated her first birthday with zeal and enthusiasm. Her partner, Ramona Agruma, also shared a glimpse of their celebration, adding her sweet account of Royce’s special day.

Rebel Wilson shared glimpses of her daughter’s birthday celebration

In a heartwarming Instagram Story, as retrieved via US Weekly, Rebel Wilson gives followers a delightful glimpse of her daughter Royce’s first birthday celebration. She posted videos and images of a beautifully decorated party, showcasing a table adorned with delicious treats and decorations, all set to the tune of Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday. The table displayed an array of delightful treats, from pink frosted cupcakes to chocolate-covered strawberries, all amid photos of Royce and the actress.

The celebratory scene extended to balloons, flowers, cards, and a stunning birthday cake embellished with starfish and fishtails in icing. A lovely mermaid doll was perched beneath a balloon that proudly proclaimed 1st Birthday. Royce was captured in a charming pink dress, first birthday bib, and golden wings, her excited claps and squeals filling the room. Rebel Wilson wished her daughter a “Happy Birthday” while revealing a bunch of pink balloons behind her. Wilson also shared a heartfelt image of herself holding Royce in a church, wishing her a very happy birthday.

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Ramona Agruma, Wilson’s partner, shared snapshots of their family birthday celebration

Ramona Agruma, Wilson’s fiancée, also gave deeds inside the birthday bash of their baby girl through her Instagram. She shared her account of the birthday bash, posting photos of herself and Royce in front of the sea-themed birthday cake. Another snapshot portrayed Ramona and Rebel, each with a lit number one candle in hand, making it a heartwarming family moment.

Rebel Wilson’s journey into motherhood via surrogacy was announced back in August 2022 by her through her social media channel. Now one year down the line, Wilson’s celebration of her daughter’s first birthday beautifully highlights the joys of motherhood and family togetherness.

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