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On Tuesday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful airing on 14 November 2023, Ridge Forrester, joined by Brooke Logan, will sit down with Steffy and Thomas. Their conversation will revolve around a painful revelation concerning Eric Forrester’s health. Eric is battling a terminal illness, and Ridge must convey this heartbreaking news to his children. The family will be left reeling as they come to grips with the grim fate that lies ahead.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Highlights

Steffy is understandably concerned for her granddad, eager to offer him comfort during his difficult time. However, Ridge emphasizes that Eric wishes to keep the details of his illness private. As for Thomas, he will be deeply affected, struggling to accept the harsh reality of Eric’s condition. Despite the emotional turmoil, Ridge will stress that the doctors have exhausted all options.

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Tears and hugs will be shared among Ridge, Thomas, and Steffy as they grapple with the overwhelming sadness of the situation. They will try to find a way to make Eric’s remaining months as meaningful as possible.

Meanwhile, in another part of Los Angeles, Poppy Nozawa confides in her mother, Luna Nozawa, about her ongoing conflict with Li Finnegan. Poppy’s affair with the married chief surgeon not only jeopardized Li’s career but also stirred resentment due to Poppy’s ability to have her own child. Li’s grudge extends to her lack of a biological child, and Luna firmly believes there is no justification for Li’s cruel treatment of Poppy or herself.

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Luna, having already confronted Li, encourages her mother to stand up to Li as well. She’s determined not to let Li dictate her and Poppy’s decisions any longer. As the tensions escalate, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint at more clashes between Li and Poppy in the episodes to come.

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