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Sanjay Mishra initially rose to prominence through the TV series Office Office. However, in recent decades, he has become a distinguished actor known for both his comedy and dramatic performances. In a recent interview, the actor from Vadh reminisced about a cherished moment with Irrfan Khan. He recounted what the late actor said to him after witnessing his career-defining role in Rajit Kapoor’s Ankhon Dekhi.

Sanjay Mishra recalls Irrfan Khan’s reaction to role in Ankhon Dekhi

During a recent interaction with Rajshri Unplugged, Sanjay Mishra mentioned that after Irrfan Khan saw Ankhon Dekhi, he remarked, ‘Now I have some competition.’ He recalled that during the shoot of another film with Rajit Kapoor, the latter had initially asked him if he should write a movie for him. He said, “Rajit Kapoor asked me, ‘Shall I write something for you?’ I thought he was just being kind and friendly. I said, ‘Of course.”

He mentioned that several months later, Rajit had indeed written Ankhon Dekhi. However, as Sanjay Mishra was unavailable at that time, Rajit took the script to Naseeruddin Shah. He further mentioned that after Sanjay called Rajit, and Naseeruddin got wind of it, he remarked that Ankhon Dekhi could become a “milestone” in Sanjay’s career. “Naseer saab said if Sanjay does it, it would be a milestone for him,” he shared.

Babil Khan opens up on being compared with his father Irrfan Khan

In an interview with Filmygyan, when talking about the frequent comparisons between him and his father, Irrfan Khan, Babil expressed that he doesn’t subscribe to such comparisons. He emphasized that he doesn’t intend to fill his father’s shoes, stating, “Mere bhi to joote hain bhai (laughter) to main unme kab paon daalunga agar unke joote pehenne lagunga to? (I have my own shoes, so if I start wearing his shoes, when will I wear mine?)”

He went on to say that he has no intention of imitating or copying the Life in a Metro actor. He believes that being his son is evident through his genes and life experiences.

Sanjay Mishra’s work front

Sanjay was recently featured in the movie Guthlee Ladoo. In 2023, he has acted in films such as Jogira Sara Ra Ra and Bholaa. His movies Giddh and Vadh will be showcased in the Indian Panorama section at the 54th Indian International Film Festival.

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