Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Shadab Khan, the vice-captain of the Pakistan cricket team, has expressed his admiration for Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma and his love for Bollywood movies and local food. Shadab, speaking at a media conference, mentioned how the city of Hyderabad has warmly received their team. He also mentioned enjoying the delicious Hyderabadi food, jokingly saying that the support staff is worried about their increasing fat percentage. When it comes to cricket, Shadab acknowledged Rohit Sharma as the most difficult batsman to bowl to and named Kuldeep Yadav as the most dangerous Indian bowler.

Shadab also acknowledged that the Asia Cup did not go well for him, but believes in learning from his mistakes and playing good cricket. He emphasized the mental aspect of the game and how it is important to make good decisions when one is mentally relaxed. Shadab sees the World Cup as an opportunity to become a superstar and is confident in his skills.

As for the upcoming tour of India, Shadab admitted that he doesn’t have much idea about the conditions but compared the pitch in Hyderabad to a flat deck in Rawalpindi. He highlighted the need for teams to adapt quickly to different venues and the focus on fitness, considering the tournament is long. Shadab believes that bowlers win tournaments and backed opener Fakhar Zaman, saying that the team that bowls well will have a better chance of winning the World Cup.

During the team’s training session in India, Haris Rauf impressed with his quick pace, troubling the openers Fakhar and Imam Ul Haq. Mohammad Rizwan also received high praise from team director Mickey Arthur.

In conclusion, Shadab Khan is looking forward to the tour of India and sees it as an opportunity to showcase his skills and perform well in the World Cup. He believes that the team’s success will depend on their bowling performance and the ability to adapt to different conditions.

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