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Trigger warning: This article contains references to sexual harassment

Hollywood legend actress Sharon Stone gave shocking details about her sexual harassment experience with a former head of Sony Pictures in the 1980s. She revealed a harrowing experience she endured during the early days of her acting career. In a recent conversation, Sharon did not name the executive but said the encounter was “not the last of many weird experiences” throughout her decades-long career before becoming a bona fide star with films like Basic Instinct (1992) and Casino (1995).

Sharon Stone shared about facing sexual harassment experience in her early career

In a candid interview with Kelly Ripa on her podcast, Let’s Talk Off Camera, the legendary actress she described it as a traumatic experience, which occurred before her career skyrocketed. Sharon Stone revealed that she was sexually harassed by a former Sony Pictures head and the incident had taken place at the Sony company’s offices in Los Angeles in the 1980s. “I’d been here, like, a couple of years, and I wore my best outfit [to this meeting], and I still remember so clearly because when you’re young you have just your one good outfit,” she said without naming the person. “I was so excited to wear my special outfit and to meet the head of Sony,” she added.

The Hollywood veteran claims the executive told her that “It’s true what they say about you and you’re the most gorgeous. We haven’t seen anyone like you in decades. Everybody’s talking about you, and look at you. You’re the most articulate. You’re so smart and beautiful – and that hair,” as he began to sexually harass her. “Then he went, came walking right up in front of me, and he said, ‘But first,’ and he took his penis right out in my face,” she added.

Sharon Stone was rescued by the office secretary

In the same conversation, the Casino revealed that she thought the executive left the meeting after her response and that she remained seated in his office until a secretary escorted her out. “I couldn’t stop because I became hysterical,” she said. However, it was one of the many worst experience she faced in her career as she revealed in the conversation.

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