Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

New Delhi:

Actor Sonam Kapoor has sent a legal notice to a YouTuber who made fun of her remarks in a video. The notice claimed that the video had a negative impact on the reputation of Sonam Kapoor, her husband Anand Ahuja, and their fashion brands.

Sonam Kapoor has partnered with a legal reputation firm to address defamatory remarks, online harassment, and negative reviews on the internet.

The YouTuber, Raginyy, shared the notice on her Instagram and YouTube accounts with the caption “She who must not be named.”

“The reported post contains illegally uploaded content belonging to our client, Ms. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja,” the notice stated, referring to the video where Raginyy had roasted Sonam Kapoor.

“These actions are not authorized by our clients. Kindly delete the reported link and ensure that your platform is not used for these activities,” it added.

The notice also warned the YouTuber that if she does not comply, Sonam Kapoor may take necessary action to protect her reputation.

Raginyy explained that the video, which led to the notice, was about dumb statements made by Sonam Kapoor at public events.

“The video was about dumb statements made by Sonam Kapoor. But in the beginning, I mentioned that we all make similar statements at times. It’s normal to say dumb things sometimes. I defended Sonam more than I insulted her in that video,” she said.

Raginyy had 6,000 subscribers on YouTube when she received the notice. She stated that she doesn’t have the resources or time to handle a notice from such an influential person.

After news of the notice broke, several people on social media defended the YouTuber, stating that there was nothing offensive in the roast video.

Sonam Kapoor recently represented India at the UK-India Week 2023, where she was invited by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

On the acting front, Sonam Kapoor recently starred in the movie ‘Blind’, marking her digital debut. The film aimed to shed light on the life of a visually impaired individual and give marginalized voices a platform.

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