Sat. May 18th, 2024

More than 250 people were killed in a Hamas attack at a music festival in Israel last week, marking the deadliest assault on civilians in the country’s history. Amit Musaei, who was present at the festival, described the horror of the attack and his desperate attempt to escape. Musaei recalled that the festival had been a celebration of life and love until the music suddenly stopped and missiles filled the air. He explained how they were instructed by security to take cover on the ground, realizing they were under attack. Musaei reflected on the regularity of missile attacks in Israel and the confusion they felt in determining what to do. Most of the victims were young people who were enjoying the festivities on the final day of the Jewish holiday, Sukkot. Musaei mentioned that many of his friends either died or were taken hostage during the attack. He and three friends managed to escape in a vehicle, running for their lives without initially realizing the magnitude of the danger. Only later did they learn that people had been killed at close range. Drone footage captured the aftermath of the attack, showing destroyed cars and bullet-ridden vehicles at the festival site in the Negev desert near Gaza. Musaei shared the heartbreaking news of burying his best friend and expressed uncertainty about the fate of his other friends, including one who was still breastfeeding. The tragedy continues to unfold, with some people still unaccounted for and others being held captive in Gaza. Musaei highlighted the prevalence of rocket attacks in Israel, recounting his own experience of living 60 km away from the Gaza Strip and still being affected by the missiles. The surprise assault by Hamas has shaken a nation known for its efficient military and security services, leading to preparations for further offensive measures and a potential invasion of the Gaza Strip by the Israeli military.

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