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Matt Rife, the comic genius who gained fame and recognition after going viral on TikTok and Instagram, has been in the headlines for his controversial Netflix special. He faced backlash over his jokes and offended many people online. Rife even published a fake apology, for which he was also heavily criticized. Tana Mongeau, the internet sensation, once compared Matt Rife in real life long before his recent controversy.

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Tana Mongeau clapped back at Matt Rife


Tana Mongeau, the internet sensation, once opened up about the viral comic Matt Rife. Long before Matt Rife’s Netflix special controversy, Mongeau decided to have a sit-down conversation with him about why he was being canceled. Months ago, Rife appeared on her podcast CANCELLED with Tana Mongeau, where they discussed a couple of things, including what people think of him.

When Mongeau addressed why fans dislike the comic star, Rife said that was because “There are so many people that hate me for really no reason, and it made me realize that people only hate somebody they are jealous of.” The particular part of the whole conversation was enough to get ratioed. A user on X (previously known as Twitter) even posted with the caption, “This is the equivalent of getting ratioed in real life.”


What was the Matt Rife controversy all about?

Matt Rife, a comedian whose acts have consistently gone viral on TikTok in the last year, is facing controversy following a joke about domestic abuse in his current special. Natural Selection, Rife’s Netflix special, debuted on November 15 and begins with a joke about the comic traveling to a restaurant with a friend and being met by a hostess with a black eye. His pal is perplexed as to why the hostess was not working in the kitchen. Rife’s joke is, “So nobody has to see her face. I feel like if she could cook, she wouldn’t have that black eye.”



Shortly after the special aired, clips of the prank surfaced online. Within a few days, at least one clip had more than 2 million views. In response to Natural Selection’s joke, fans and online creators, the vast majority of whom are women, have chastised Rife for punching down, or making fun of a marginalized community and victims at their own cost, rather than punching up, or making fun of people in positions of power. On Monday afternoon, he responded to his detractors generally in his Instagram story.

He wrote on his now deleted Instagram story, “If you’ve ever been offended by a joke I’ve told, here’s a link to my official apology.” The link in his Instagram story takes you to a medical website that offers special-needs helmets. Rife’s representatives did not respond to several requests for comment.

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