Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

The U.S. carried out an airstrike on Iranian-backed militants in Iraq, Argentina is finalizing a debt deal with the International Monetary Fund, and Israel’s military is preparing for action in Gaza and Lebanon. The U.S. strike targeted members of an Iran-linked paramilitary group in Baghdad, drawing criticism from the Iraqi government. This comes amidst ongoing attacks by militants on U.S. targets in the region. In Argentina, the IMF is set to unlock more funding as the country faces economic challenges and political unrest. Meanwhile, Israeli forces continue to engage in conflict in Gaza and are preparing for potential warfare in Lebanon. The Biden administration has reopened entry ports along the U.S.-Mexico border after a surge in migrant crossings, while House Republicans visited the border to push for stricter immigration policies. In Chile, a French tightrope walker wowed crowds by crossing the skyline in a gravity-defying stunt.

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