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Taylor Swift has been having one of the best years of her life. With immense success and popularity making way for her in 2023, it would not be wrong to call this year a ‘swift’ success for her.

All her fans and admirers recognize that and also her former collaborators. Jason Mraz, the 46 year old singer who performed with Swift in the beginning of her career talked about the undeniable growth that she has had as an artist which has propelled her to immense fame at such an early age.

Jason Mraz on crossing paths with Taylor Swift and performing on her tunes

Jason Mraz is a man of many talents. The famed singer has been quite successful in his run as a contestant on celebrity dance reality show, Dancing With The Stars. As the show prepares for its special Taylor Swift themed episode, which is to be aired on Nov 21, the I’m Yours singer and former Swift collaborator is all praises for the Lover singer.

“You want to see any artist do well, especially an artist that you may have crossed paths with at some point,” Jason Mraz told PEOPLE. “And it’s been amazing to watch her career grow from singer-songwriter to global phenomenon.”

The Lucky singer isn’t the only one to have acknowledged the immense growth and popularity that Swift has achieved in the past few years, especially after her public fallout with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian which had greatly smeared her reputation in the Industry.

Today, with her Era’s Tour, the re-release of her hit albums and the new hit songs that she has produced in the last couple of years, Taylor Swift has reclaimed her legacy and is on her way to become a billionaire by the end of this year. That’s why the acknowledgement of her growth as an artist rings true as told by Jason Mraz.

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Jason Mraz on his experience on Dancing With The Stars

Participating in Dancing With The Stars has helped Jason Mraz to explore a new side of himself that has expanded his horizons as an artist and entertainer. He has been enjoying the process of participating in the dance reality show and has come a long way, still being a part of the show which is in its last few weeks. Apart from the Swift themed episode, the Have It All singer has also enjoyed various other special episodes on the show.

“I liked Motown night and I loved music video night. I also loved the most memorable year,” the Live High singer told PEOPLE. “There’s been so many good ones.”

Despite feeling a little tired from the journey of being a part of the dance-reality show, Jason Mraz has been loving the challenge and is looking forward to the coming weeks on the show.

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