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Dodi Al Fayed, also known as Dodi Fayed, gained prominence as Princess Diana’s romantic interest, tragically perishing alongside her in a 1997 car crash. Despite the fascination surrounding his role in Diana’s life, the exact net worth of Dodi at the time of his death remains undisclosed. 

However, his penchant for showcasing familial wealth was evident. According to The Guardian, Dodi received a monthly allowance from his father, Mohamed, amounting to £400,000, equivalent to $499,448 in 2023 (unadjusted for inflation). When factoring in inflation, this sum translates to approximately $965,843.28 per month. 

Varying reports, such as Vanity Fair’s, suggest an allowance of $100,000 monthly, equivalent to about $193,000 in 2023 adjusted for inflation. Dodi, recognized as both a playboy and a producer, often lived in the shadow of his affluent father. Friends recounted his desire to please Mohamed and his tendency to express affection through extravagant gestures. Despite his lavish lifestyle, Diana was reportedly uneasy about Dodi using wealth as a means of courtship, expressing a desire for genuine emotional support rather than material gifts.

How rich was Dodi Fayed?

Born into the billionaire family of Mohamed Al-Fayed, Dodi, the eldest son, inherited substantial wealth (his father’s net worth was estimated at $2 billion upon his demise in August 2023). The exact net worth of Dodi at the time of his death remains undisclosed. Vanity Fair reported that he habitually inflated his personal wealth, with sources suggesting he frequently claimed ownership of properties he merely rented.

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