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Trigger Warning: This article contains references to war, homicide, death, and physical abuse

In a chilling sequence of events in Northfield, New Hampshire, a family’s discord turned into a horrifying triple murder on August 3, 2022. Kassandra Sweeney, 25, and her two sons, Benjamin (4) and Mason (23 months), were allegedly shot dead by Kassandra’s 17-year-old brother-in-law, Eric Sweeney. Shockingly, prosecutors revealed that Kassandra’s final message to her husband, Sean Sweeney, came just minutes before the fatal incident.

Disturbing family dynamics and ominous warnings

As reported by the New York Post, tensions had been escalating in the Sweeney household, where Eric, the accused, was residing with his older brother Sean and Sean’s family. Concerns about Eric’s behavior reached a critical point when Sean reported his brother’s unsettling comments and the discovery of hidden weapons in their home.

Sean’s worries prompted him to install a lock on his bedroom door, a precautionary measure as the brothers barely communicated, and Sean and Kassandra sought ways to evict Eric from their residence.

On the fateful day, Eric allegedly accessed a handgun from a locked safe, belonging to Sean. The gruesome act occurred in the kitchen of the family’s home, but prosecutors did not specify the order of the killings.

Kassandra’s final message to Sean, expressing hope that videos of their sons would bring him joy, was sent just moments before she and the children were fatally shot.

A startling deception and investigation

Following the crime, Eric called Sean from Kassandra’s phone, claiming a break-in and multiple deaths. However, a witness heard children’s screams before Eric fled the scene. Kassandra, Benjamin, and Mason were found with gunshot wounds.

Eric’s account to investigators included a chilling detail—he claimed to have stepped over the lifeless bodies of his sister-in-law and nephew to leave the house. Despite tree workers nearby, Eric did not seek help and allegedly discarded the weapon on a highway.

Eric Sweeney now faces charges as an adult, including three counts of first-degree murder and one count of falsifying physical evidence. The court documents reveal a family in turmoil, providing a tragic backdrop to a crime that has shocked the community and left lingering questions about the factors that led to such a devastating outcome.

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