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As the year comes to an end, the festive season of Christmas brings family, friends, and loved ones together to have a great time. While it is the most joyful time of year, it is indeed a seasonal delight that holds a mirror up to our own holiday experiences. However, when everyone sits together, they love to watch special episodes of famous sitcoms like The Office, Ted Lasso, and many more, and here are the top 5 Christmas special episodes to watch together.

5. Friends: The One With the Holiday Armadillo (Season 7, Episode 10)

The episode first aired on NBC on December 14, 2000, as the sitcom has celebrated more than just Thanksgiving. It revolves around Ross Geller, who is excited to have his young son Ben staying with him during the holidays, and his sister Monica, who is Jewish, while Ben’s mother, Ross’ ex-wife, is not. Like many parents of interfaith kids before him, Ross is concerned that Ben enjoys all the twinkly fun of Christmas without knowing enough about Hanukkah and his Jewish roots, making it a joy ride.

4. The Office: Classy Christmas (Season 7, Episodes 11 and 12)

The hilarious and heartbreaking episode explored in two parts finds Michael and Holly’s relationship at a crossroads. In the episode, Holly was ready for a commitment from Michael, but in return, he had to propose to her. This particular episode showed how the series connects absurd workplace hijinks with emotional depth and heart.

3. Bewitched: A Vision of Sugar Plums (Season 2, Episode 15)

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An orphan who visits the Stevens for Christmas and doesn’t believe in Santa Claus is a delight to watch for the audience. Interestingly, the episode was even repeated, as it first aired on Christmas Eve in 1964 and then again on December 23 the next year. The repetition showed a new introduction as Samantha and Darrin receive a Christmas card from Michael, a boy they took in for Christmas the year before.

2. New Girl: Christmas Eve Eve (Season 6, Episode 10)

Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel, gets into the Christmas spirit by initiating Secret Santa in the loft, and her spirit starts to dim. Later, she finds out that she didn’t have a Secret Santa, and the episode takes its viewers on an emotional roller coaster, especially at the end, with Robby and the gang giving Jess the ultimate Secret Santa gift: a holiday carol from Darlene Love that ended the episode on a warm, festive note.

1. Ted Lasso: Carol of the Bells (Season 2, Episode 4)

The show touched upon the real life of Ted Lasso as he looks to be in for a ho-hum instead of a ho-ho-ho Christmas after he gets on a video call with his son and ex-wife. He even gets his kid a drone as a “guilt gift,” but since they’re not all together, there’s a bit of a damper on things. To his rescue, Rebecca shows up, and she asks him to help her deliver toys to children who’d written to Santa.

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