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Ryan Gosling, a versatile actor, has delivered a multitude of successful films throughout his career. His dedication to maintaining a disciplined work routine on set is well-known, earning him admiration from colleagues. Ryan is known for his openness, freely sharing insights into both his personal and professional life. On one memorable occasion, he candidly revealed his past experience as a security guard at his uncle’s Elvis tribute concert during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show. Here’s the full story.

Here’s what Ryan Gosling said about his security job

During a memorable appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Ryan Gosling shared an interesting incident. When Graham inquired about his uncle and whether his uncle resided with him, Ryan affirmed this by recalling a time when he worked as a security guard at his uncle’s Elvis tribute concert at the age of six. 

He disclosed that his uncle involved his entire family in the act, with his mother even performing as a backup singer. Reflecting on the experience, he remarked, “Honestly, it was one of the most remarkable performances I’ve ever witnessed.” This particular episode adds a fascinating dimension to Gosling’s early years.

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More about Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling experienced a nomadic childhood due to his father’s career as a traveling salesman, which significantly influenced his upbringing and led to a period of relative isolation during his residence in Ontario, Canada.

Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake forged a deep friendship from their early years, to the extent that Gosling’s legal guardian temporarily assumed the role of Timberlake’s mother due to the strength of their connection.

Gosling opted for an unconventional educational journey, departing from the traditional path that most individuals follow. Following in the footsteps of several renowned figures in the entertainment industry, he made the bold choice to discontinue his formal education at the age of 17, dedicating himself entirely to his acting career. 

During the subsequent year, he embarked on a journey to New Zealand, where he contributed to the Fox Kids Network series titled “Young Hercules.”

Throughout his career as an actor, Ryan Gosling has delivered remarkable performances in blockbuster films, including “The Place Beyond The Pines,” “Blade Runner 2049,” “First Man,” and his most recent hit, “Barbie.”

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