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Garth Brooks is one of the most best-selling artists in the world as well as the creator of nine diamond-certified albums. This has led to fans often speculating about his net worth.Here’s a quick look at his high-profile career and his earnings from the same. Brooks was born in Oklahoma to a country singer, even though he was far from being a nepo baby. Initially, he didn’t want to be a singer but was focused on being an athlete in high school. He also graduated in 1984 with a BA in advertising. However, destiny had better things in store for him. 

Tracing the growth trajectory of Garth Brooks’ career in the music industry 

After the completion of his college, he started doing gigs playing the guitar and was soon discovered by an entertainment attorney. This is when he moved to Nashville, focusing on his music career full-time. In 1989, he released his first album which made history by becoming the first country song to feature in the Billboard Top 200 Charts. It also ranked as #2 on Billboard’s Top Country Album Charts. 

Taking a look at the net worth of country music star Garth Brooks

The combined net worth of Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood is estimated to be around $400 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Of this amount, Brooks has contributed approximately 75% to 85%. The happy couple have their strengths. While Yearwood has won more Grammys, Brooks has earned diamond-certification on his albums. Brooks’ highest-selling album ever was No Fencer, his second album that reached #3 on the Billboard 200. His most iconic song is Friends In Low Places, from the same album. This contributed greatly to his commercial success. 

Additionally, one of his strengths include live performances which has led to multiple sold out tours. It has been reported that while on tour, he earns a 6-figure salary per concert. However, even after he became an illustrious figure in the music industry, he is in touch with his roots. The humble singer has been appreciative of everything that has come his way. Before he began his Las Vegas Residency tour in 2023, he told Billboard, “Still to this day, I’m floored that I got a second half of a career.” His positive outlook towards life has earned him the love he deserves. 

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