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Taylor Swift has achieved significant success across various music platforms and received numerous accolades. Despite her accomplishments, she has long been the subject of rumors regarding her romantic involvement with NFL star Travis Kelce. The two have been seen together on numerous occasions, attracting considerable media attention.

The rumored couple has piqued the interest of Swifties, who closely follow their relationship. While fans are well-versed in Taylor Swift’s dating history, many may be unfamiliar with the current NFL star she is romantically linked to. This article delves into the dating history of Travis Kelce.

Travis Kelce’s dating history

Kayla Nicole

Travis Kelce was in a relationship with sports announcer and model Kayla Nicole from 2017 until May 2022, a year after his previous relationship with Benberry. In February 2022, Kelce shared with E! News that their romance began when he initiated contact with her on Instagram, following her, liking her photos, and consistently watching her Instagram Stories.

The couple made numerous public appearances and attended red-carpet events together before experiencing their initial separation in August 2020. During that period, rumors suggested that the NBA star had been disloyal, but he vehemently denied such claims. Despite attempting to revive their romance a few months later, they ultimately concluded their relationship for good in May 2022.

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Zuri Hall

As per a screenshot featured in a Barstool Sports blog post, Zuri Hall was captured seated in his Travis Kelce’s suite during an October 2022 Chiefs game. Additionally, Hollywood Life reported that an acquaintance of Kelce posted a video featuring Hall with the football tight end in the background.

Observant fans pointed out that when rumors of a romantic involvement emerged, Hall and ex-girlfriend Nicole, who were previously connected on social media, unfollowed each other. There had been no response from either Hall or Kelce regarding these speculations.

Maya Benberry

Travis Kelce embraced the prospect of finding love by taking a leap into the realm of reality dating shows with his own E! series, Chasing Kelce, back in 2016. In this unique dating competition, 50 women, each representing a different state, vied for his affection.

Despite initial hesitations, the athlete ultimately selected Maya Benberry from Kentucky. However, his decision was guided more by matters of the heart than logical reasoning.

The couple engaged in a brief relationship that concluded after a few months for reasons undisclosed. Fast forward seven years, Kelce revisited his foray into reality TV, expressing uncertainty about its wisdom despite its appeal at the time.

Taylor Swift

In a July 2023 episode of his brother’s podcast, New Heights, the NFL star openly shared his feelings for Taylor Swift. Kelce disclosed that during Swift’s Eras Tour stop in Kansas City, Missouri, in July 2023, he attempted to give her his phone number, but the exchange never occurred. Their connection, however, seemed solidified when Taylor made her first appearance at a Chiefs game.

Numerous videos and photos capture the couple leaving the stadium together in what appeared to be a heartfelt “Getaway Car” moment. Recent revelations also highlight Taylor spending time with Travis’ family before the game on that particular day.

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